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Our Team

Our team of professionals is well-equipped with the necessary knowledge and expertise to provide accurate and reliable audits. As an expert advisory service, we can help you establish your business the right way by providing you with valuable insights and guidance based on our extensive experience and knowledge.

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Piyush Sangoi (Founder Partner)

He is a Founder Partner with 19 years of post-qualification experience, including eight years with various Big4 consulting firms like Deloitte, PwC, and KPMG. He practiced Central Excise, Customs, Service tax, State VAT, and Foreign Trade Policy during his tenure. In 2017, he resigned as an Associate Director of KPMG to assist various local and multinational corporations in migrating to the VAT regime in UAE. After returning to India, he founded Consultsure Management Services LLP and now works as an independent GST consultant, assisting Big4 and his clients.

Piyush has extensive experience transitioning clients to the newly introduced Goods & Services Tax (GST) from the erstwhile indirect tax regime. He helps clients assess the impact of GST on their business transactions, provides implementation support, and handholds clients in computing GST liabilities and filing periodical GST returns/refunds/LUT. He has also helped clients build relevant functional internal controls and report internal financial control as an audit procedure. Additionally, Piyush has undertaken various statutory/tax and internal audits, including Bank Branch Audits/investigations.

Piyush is an experienced trainer and has conducted various training sessions, seminars, and workshops in pre-GST and post-GST regimes to provide a better understanding of indirect taxes to attendees. He has also assisted clients in restructuring their businesses, identifying system support, and reporting requirements.

Parin Saval (Founder Partner)

He is a Partner Founder with over 15 years of post-qualification experience serving various local and foreign multinational clients in setting up their accounting and taxation framework. He has expertise in accountancy, MIS, and tax and regulatory environments for multiple clients.

He is experienced in establishing accounting frameworks in SAP/ERP for clients. He is skilled in creating a chart of accounts that considers the functional responsibilities of every part of the organization, such as AP, AR, GL, HR, and Admin. He regularly assists various clients in preparing financial statements that comply with the destination country's regulatory and reporting requirements. Parin is a good team player and can liaise with multiple functions to verify the sensitivity and validity of the information provided.

Parin has assisted clients in building relevant functional internal controls. He also helps clients report internal financial controls. Parin believes in automating the tax and accounting process. He regularly innovates technology solutions to ease tax compliance.

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