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Taxhub is a distinguished and authorized public accounting establishment certified in Dubai. Our operations are driven by fundamental principles and a robust ethical framework, which guide our business choices and establish an organizational ambiance that encourages collaboration, cerebral expansion, and exceptional leadership.

For almost 80 years, we have been rendering top-notch accounting and auditing solutions in Dubai to a heterogeneous clientele, ranging from sole proprietors to multinational combinations across various domains, such as retail and wholesale, information technology, manufacturing, healthcare, construction, hospitality, entertainment, media, and advertising, and more. The vast knowledge we have gathered from our patrons has further strengthened.

Our position as a premier consultancy firm for business expansion. By earning our customers' trust and admiration and delivering impressive outcomes, we have established ourselves as one of Dubai's leading audit companies, expanding our customer base one customer at a time.

Despite our evolution, diversification, and the integration of modern technology, our accounting enterprise upholds its purpose of delivering unparalleled accounting solutions in Dubai, characterized by our proficient methodology and extensive learning. We look forward to working with you as your partner in prosperity as one of the best audit firms in the United Arab Emirates, confidently overcoming all challenges and opportunities.

Who we are

Taxhub is one of the top audit firms in Dubai and the UAE. We have been serving clients for over 80 years in tax consultancy. Our team is equipped to provide comprehensive tax-related services to individuals and businesses.

  • Developing a thorough understanding of client expectations through interactive sessions at the proposal stage.
  • Deploying appropriate resources that focus on realizing client objectives efficiently and on time.
  • Seeking regular client feedback during fieldwork and complete review to ensure all issues are addressed, and deliverables meet client expectations.
  • Ongoing contact with clients posts the submission of deliverables to support them in achieving a positive outcome consistent with their vision.
taxhub why choose

We always assign a dedicated team of suitably qualified and experienced staff members on all our engagements, ensuring objective and independent advice while maintaining timely delivery and meeting client deadlines and schedules.


Taxhub is a trusted advisory firm that believes in maintaining a long-lasting relationship, consistent approach, and client commitment.


Our philosophy is centered on offering our clients visionary guidance and empowering them to seize opportunities.


Our ethos revolves around comprehending and delivering what holds the utmost significance to our clients.


We furnish our clients with integrity, unwavering ethical standards, and firm consistency.


Our professionals possess a strong inclination towards acquiring knowledge and learning new things.


We believe in upholding the highest ethical standards and maintaining transparency in our practices.

We have over 80 years of experience providing consulting services to clients in Dubai, UAE.

We offer end-to-end management services, ranging from advisory to compliance.

Our solutions are backed by research and knowledge.

Professionals with industry and consulting backgrounds.