Tax Consultant 

Taxhub consultants are professionals who specialize in advising the business and individuals in tax registration, filing and of financial matter. Our clients must stay informed on the most recent tax requirements and law changes in UAE.

Business Tax Advisory 

Taxhub provides information and advices to assist you to register and fill out your own tax returns. We answer all your tax related questions, and help you prepare for future tax situations, and analyze information to ensure compliance with UAE FTA tax regulations.

US Individual income tax return. Accountant working with US tax forms


VAT Registration

Register a legal/ natural entity for VAT

Document Required

  • Trade license
  • Emirates ID of the owner
  • Passport Copy of the owner
  • Mobile Number
  • Company Stamp image
  • Any POA or MOA if available

VAT Filing

Filing the company monthly returns

Document Required

  • Required the FTA login for the client
  •  Sales and purchase documents for the period/ excel file with the details of the sales and purchases


Audit Report

Audited financial statements

Document Required

  • Required Financials/ Bank Statement of the client
  • The auditor will review the financials and discuss with the client for any further documents



VAT refund of building new home

Get refund for Emirati home owners for the VAT spent on building new home

Document Required

  • Family book
  • Emirates ID of the owner 
  • Passport copy of the owner 
  • Bank account details (IBAN letter)
  • Contract agreement with contractor
  • Invoices of paid bills with receipt from the contractor
  • Bill of Quantity (BOQ)and project drawings 

Reconsideration Form

Form to be submitted for reconsidering in case of any penalties/ fines

Document Required

  • Required the FTA login for the client and the reasons for the FTA penalties






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